"The list" is, in actuality, an e-mail discussion list that anyone can join. It is open to anyone of all ages, as long as you can make intelligent conversation. Sound good? Click here to subscribe, but I suggest you read the rules first.

Which are few, but they are very important.

1) There is no flaming allowed on this list. Period. I have been flamed on e-mail lists, once badly enough to make me unsubscribe. I feel so strongly about this that if I even hear you've flamed someone in a personal e-mail I will unsubscribe you. I am lenient in all aspects but this. All the members of the list deserve to be treated with the utmost respect.

2) Off-topic posts are okay, but the subject line should read "OFF:--your subject--" so that members can choose whether they read it or not. Generally, if the only discussion going on at the list is off-topic, I will restrict it to a certain amount, but don't worry a lot about this.

3) Swearing doesn't bother me at all (in fact I do quite a bit of it) but I realize that there are some people who are very offended by swearing at all. If you are offended by swearing, please mention that in your introductory e-mail.

4) Harrassing another member of the list is completely unacceptable. If someone is bothering you, I urge you to tell me so that I can deal with then appropriately.

Basically these are just guidelines to having a good list. Don't worry about them.

Do you still want to join? Great!