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"My favorite memory of Miss Saigon is simply the experience of playing Kim.... every night at the end of the show, I was so emotionally wrung out that I was refreshed and empty at the same time, and ready to be filled again from the very bottom up. I think Kim is the most amazing female role ever written. It demanded and challenged all of my person, everything, all of my voice, all of my emotions. I felt so alive and I loved it!"


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"It’s truly surreal that I have starred in a Broadway show. I never aimed to do it, never trained. I just sort of went with the flow of my life, tried this out, tried that out. While I was in college, I went to an Asian club meeting and we were supposed to introduce ourselves and say our ultimate fantasy. I said ‘My name is Rona Figueroa and I want to sing on Broadway.’ And the room went ‘Oooooooh.’ But I was flippant! I never expected to get there! I never made it a serious goal because it seemed so far fetched... New York City! Broadway! Lead! Me?! Are you kidding? Then it happened a year and a half later. Is that magic or what?"