The site is best viewed with an 800x600 resulution, CSS/DHTML capabilities (but not really fancy ones) and MSIE 4+ or a really recent version of Netscape.

My ambitions for this site are pretty high--I ultimately hope someday it will become official, or at least be endorsed by Rona herself, but I'll be happy if I'm allowed to keep it up despite whatever copyright problems may be looming. (Rona, you should do an actual cast recording someday, hey?)

I decided to make this site because Rona was the first vocalist/actress who really impressed me. I had a Les Mis site up, even though it now mostly hold my fanfic, and I had a little awkward dedication to her. "Hi, this is my favorite actress in the world and this is a picture of her and I am a really big dork."

But as I started getting better at web design (well, bolder anyhow) I kept wanting to itch around with the design, and put up this and that. And so what I did was got some webspace. And slapped this up. And I like it a lot. I don't know why, it's only as comprehensive as there is info, and it's a simple design. But I like it. I really do.

Wasn't that fun?