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Rona Figueroa is of a rare breed--she's an honest-to-God triple threat to the theater community. In her relatively few years on screen and stage, she's managed to snag two starring roles in overwhelmingly popular Broadway musicals, as well as quite a few others in lesser-known--but equally good--shows. She brought her versatility to the big screen in 1999's Dragonheart II, not only playing a lead as tough Chinese princess but also crooning the movie's theme song "My Heart Goes With You".

Charisma is a word bandied about too often in today's entertainment world, when very few possess this star-making quality, so it is with caution that I apply it to Rona for fear the impact is lessened. But it really is the only word that can suffice. There are big voices, and there are fantastic actors, and there are witty and funny entertainers, but it's not often all three are rolled into one. When it does happen, though, it almost seems too good to be true. There has to be something wrong, you think. Well, I'm here to tell you--what we have here with Rona is truly all three rolled into one. It's as if she were born to make jumping from opera to Shakespeare to action movies look natural. I think the Dalai Lama might call it kismet--whatever. I call it a damn good show. So use the links above to navigate and find out more about her work so far.