Hi! I'm Meghan. You can call me anything and I'll answer to it.

I'm a self-proclaimed nerd, weirdo, techie, Mizzie, and freak. I've never seen Star Wars, however I've seen Les MisÚrables live twice and the videotape of the Tenth Anniversary Concert numerous times.

I've been webdesigning for six months, since July of 2000. My first page was dedicated to Les Mis, and it pretty much sucked, but then I learned HTML and it sucked considerably less.

I have two dogs and two parents. Sometimes I like the former more than the latter.

I'm weird, and odd, and say funny things constantly. Funny as in weird, not funny hah-hah. However, I think I'm nice and I think I'm tolerant and I like talking to people. You can e-mail me and talk about whatever the hell you want, and I'll listen, and interject random commentary. That could be fun.

If you don't like me, that's your choice. "Take Me as I Am". Just remember that he who is quick to judge is very judgemental.